Amazing Girls

Amazing Girls

The play tells the story of Zhen Gaogui, a “bankrupt and down-to-earth lady” who was forced to work as a part-time worker in a public relations company due to financial difficulties, and sparked a collision with Zhong Yiming, the “Wind Dog’s acting CEO of Party A”, a noble lady who returned from studying abroad and found herself bankrupt, and the second young master who was entrusted with a heavy responsibility while doing nothing, experienced thrilling and prosperous times together, and the two teamed up to turn “little popcorn” into a “big business.” In the process, the two people gradually fell in love, and the revolutionary friendship was perfectly sublimated. Zhong Zhen Buchu’s CP also gained growth and opened up his heart. He told the audience about the sweet growth of a workplace novice who was hilariously abused online and resented each other’s enemies. story, creating a workplace love comedy with two-way healing between the male and female protagonists.
Premiere Date: November 29, 2023
Casts: Ji Mei Han
Air Time: 12:00 am
Country: CN
Air Day:

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