Ambulance: Code Red Season 2, Episode 18 : Episode 18


In this episode, Dr Iwan Davies and paramedic Peter Bowles are called to Halesowen, where a man is reported to have cut himself badly in a fall. Pensioner Roy hit his head on a cabinet, partly detaching his scalp. Paramedics have so far been unable to contain the bleeding. Dr Iwan applies more than 10 surgical staples to hold Roy's scalp in place and ensure he can be transported safely to hospital. In Birmingham, Dr Hadassa Ihlenfeldt and critical care paramedic Ash Mulindar are called to a tower block where a man has overdosed on heroin. He's unconscious and is barely breathing. The team use a bag to ventilate him and administer NARCAN, a medication that reverses the effects of the drug. Dr Jon Bingham and critical care paramedic Jack Lewis are dispatched to Stafford, where an elderly man is believed to have fallen down the stairs. Neighbours raised the alarm after his family was unable to reach him. Jack and Dr Jon arrive to find the patient in a critical condition, as 77-year-old retired warehouse manager Mick is believed to have spent the night at the bottom of the stairs. He's unconscious, and his breathing is weak. Jack and Dr Jon decide to anaesthetise Mick and insert a tube down his throat so that his breathing can be assisted with a ventilator. But just as they've completed the procedure, Mick goes into cardiac arrest. In Birmingham, the critical care team are called to an incident where a woman has given birth in the foyer of a block of flats. She had been on her way to hospital when she began having contractions. Thankfully, the birth appears to have gone smoothly.

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