Ambulance: Code Red Season 2, Episode 20 : Episode 20


Two air ambulance teams are called to a serious road accident on a busy dual carriageway. A car has crashed through the barriers and rolled into a field. While one team treats a passenger who has been thrown from the vehicle, Dr Jake Turner and Critical Care Paramedic Ryan James focus on the driver, who is still trapped inside and groaning in pain. After fire crews help extract the patient from the car, Dr Jake's initial inspection reveals a broken arm, while the patient's agitated behaviour points to a traumatic head injury. Dr Jake decides to anaesthetise the man in order to transport him to hospital safely without further aggravating his injuries. In Willenhall, the critical-care team are responding to reports of a man who's been stabbed in a supermarket car park. Fortysix- year-old lorry driver Lee had just finished shopping when he saw a group of men trying to break into a van. When he confronted them, he was attacked with a knife and hammer. Critical Care Paramedic Tom Waters and Doctor Richard Brown are called to assist an elderly lady who is struggling to breathe. Eighty-two-year-old Patricia's heart is beating at twice the normal rate and she's in danger of going into cardiac arrest. Tom suggests a technique called the Valsalve Manoeuvre to help slow Patricia's heart before she is transported to hospital. In Birmingham, the critical-care team are dispatched to a woman reported unconscious in a cemetery. A 26-year-old woman has broken her leg in several places after falling from a tree after a night out. Critical Care Paramedic Steven Mitchell and Paramedic Jorden Lane are dispatched to 14-year-old Kharrisma, who's been hit by a car while walking to school

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