Ambulance: Code Red Season 3, Episode 3 : Episode 3


10am, Wrexham. After reports that a one-tonne hay bale has landed on a farmer's head in a remote location, Critical Care Paramedic Will Meadows and Dr Steve Dauncey are immediately scrambled on board Helimed 03.The farmer John reportedly has blood coming from his nose and mouth, and is struggling to breathe. It's a major trauma, and when Will and Dr Steve arrive, they find that John has suffered multiple fractured ribs, and worse, a punctured lung, leaving him at risk of cardiac arrest. He's in a critical condition, and with no time to lose, Will and Dr Steve have no choice but to perform emergency roadside surgery at the scene to save John's life.Over in Redditch a man has collapsed at work unconscious and is turning blue. Critical Care Paramedic Mitch is immediately dispatched, and on arrival he finds the man's heart is not beating and he's in cardiac arrest. Mitch and the ambulance team battle save the man's life against the odds.50 miles away in Burton on Trent, 76-year-old Doreen's day ends in disaster when she falls all the way down the stairs in her home. With the possibility that a stroke has caused the fall, Critical Care Paramedic Fay Pollock races to the scene.Fay finds Doreen awake and conscious, but with an open wound at the back of her head.It's a nasty fall and she's also complaining of chest pain, meaning she could have suffered

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