Ambulance: Code Red

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Ambulance: Code Red Season 3, Episode 5 : Episode 5


11.15 AM, Dudley. Eighty-three-year-old Iris suffers a nasty fall at home and is in severe pain. She has a suspected broken thigh bone, and Critical Care Paramedic Stephen Mitchell is immediately dispatched.On arrival he finds Iris in agony and unable to move. Only his advanced training in administering powerful pain relief will be able to get her out of her home and into hospital for the immediate treatment she desperately needs.Meanwhile, 40 miles away in Shrewsbury, 50-year-old Stewart has gone into cardiac arrest during a karate class. It's a category one emergency and Grant Salsby and Sarah Foley race to the scene.On arrival, they find Stewart's heart has been restarted by paramedics, but now he is critically ill, and has a locked jaw. Grant and Sarah will have to do everything they can to stop Stewart from slipping into another potentially fatal arrest.Back at base in RAF Cosford, Critical Care Paramedics Fay Pollock and Will Meadows are just clocking on when they receive reports of a serious road traffic collision.Forty-three-year-old truck driver Gamil is trapped in his cabin, and his dashboard and steering column have collapsed inwards, crushing him from the waist down. It's a race against time to get Gamil out of the wreckage to prevent him suffering any life changing injuries.

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