Wicked City

Wicked City

Wicked City follows five urban witches who push their supernatural powers to new heights after uncovering dark secrets and accidentally entering the world of the forbidden. While living their best life in Atlanta, four young, chic, modern-day witches, Jordan Davis, Mona De La Cruz, Angela Harris, and Sherise Baker make the acquaintance of Camille, a naturally powerful witch who is oblivious to her gift. Reluctantly, Camille joins the women for a spell, but things take a menacing turn resulting in an accidental death. The witches quickly perform a forbidden resurrection spell, however it is too late, as a dark sinister being is brought back from the other side. Now, between their complicated personal lives, unearthed secrets of the past, and attempting to defeat a powerful wraith, this coven is in for the most dangerous ride of their lives.
Premiere Date: December 1, 2022
Casts: Chanel Mack, Chantal Maurice, Malika Blessing, Mercedez McDowell, Rhonda Morman, Shaquita Smith, Taylor Polidore, Vanessa Bell Calloway, Columbus Short
Air Time: 12:00 am
Country: US
Air Day: Thursday

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Official Trailer

Official Trailer

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