Youth, Climb the Barrier

Youth, Climb the Barrier

A story about a prince who receives a book about ghost stories containing all kinds of curses of life and feels that the curse is happening one by one,and a woman who became a wanted murdered who betrayed her marriage, and how they save each other from each other’s fate.
Alternative Title: 청춘월담, 청춘이여 월담하라, 잠중록, 青春月譚, Jamjunglog, Cheongchunwoldam, Cheongchuniyeo Woldamhara, Sleep Memo, Sleeping Rock, The Golden Hairpin, Youth Climbing Over the Wall, Youth, Talk to the Moon, Youth, Climb the Barrier, The Tale of Youth, Youth Montly Talk
Premiere Date: February 6, 2023
Casts: Park Hyung Shik, Jun So Nee, Pyo Ye Jin, Yoon Jong Seok, Lee Tae Sun, Heo Won Seo
Air Time: 8:50 pm
Country: KR
Air Day: Monday

Youth, Climb the Barrier Video Clips & Trailers

Our Blooming Youth | Official Trailer | Prime Video

Our Blooming Youth | Official Trailer | Prime Video

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